Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I don't garden?

A: That's OK, you don't have to! While many of our members enjoy gardening, the Longboat Key Garden Club's primary function is to be eco-friendly and raise funds we disburse as scholarships and grants to worthy members of the local community.

Q: How much does annual membership cost?

A: Membership is $30/yr for individuals or $40/yr for your entire family. The funds collected from membership fees go towards our scholarships after covering the club's operating expenses which are minimal.

Q: What does membership cover?

A: Membership entitles you to attend our lectures and events and contributes towards the grants and scholarships we offer. Some of our events - e.g. our luncheons - ask that you pay for your meal cost. In contrast, most of our lectures are free of charge.

Q: How do I join?

A: Becoming a member is easy! Click here for more information

Q: How do I apply for a scholarship or a grant?

A: It’s simple! Click here

Q: What sort of projects do you support with your grants and scholarships?

A: The Club encourages projects and individuals that benefit the environment. Please click here for further information.

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